We want to be a MAR of Friends: to form a community of people who identify with MAR and want to follow us closely. When you join MAR of Friends, you will have access to exclusive content, be able to discover what goes on backstage and communicate more closely with the museum. Below you will find some of the benefits, which you can exchange for your points.

You will earn one point for every Real donated. Your points can then be exchanged for Museu de Arte do Rio special treats and activities below.

If you would like your product to be sent outside of Brazil, please contact us at:


Faber Castell pencil

10 points
It's not possible to fit on the tip of a pencil how important your support is to us. It doesn't matter how much you donate, your participation is essential and this pencil is our way of saying thank you.

Save a place on the next Escola do Olhar course

15 points / Only one place per course
Sometimes Escola do Olhar courses can get very crowded, and unfortunately many of those interested don't manage to take part. But we will save a place for you.

MAR Eco bag

16 points
Art and culture, music and books, favela and education, neighbourhood and world, Rio and Brazil. Lots of things fit inside MAR, and the same goes for this bag: it measures 45 x 35 x 6 cm (depth) and is made of raw cotton, with polypropylene handles. Benefit temporarily sold off.

MAR water bottle

25 points
Quench your thirst for art. Our aluminium water bottle features the MAR logo, a tight, fast-closing screw cap, and a 500ml capacity.

Discover the day-to-day of the MAR team

30 points
Behind every exhibition and activity is the work of the different museum teams – such as content, education, curatorship, communication, production and mounting. One of the museum collaborators will guide you on a visit around the administration.

Go behind the scenes of an exhibition

35 points
Come and be the first to see an exhibition - before it opens. Our museology and production teams will be on hand to show you the backstage of an exhibition.

MAR umbrella

80 points
Come rain or shine, we will be by your side. That's what a friend is for. Featuring an elegant wooden handle and automatic opening, our 1.2m umbrella will keep you safe from the elements.

Visit with an educator and three guests

100 points
Bring your friends along to the museum, or your family, or your colleagues. In fact, bring whoever you like! Entry is on us, and an educator will dedicate all their attention to your group in a special visit, without queues.

MAR sun umbrella

103 points
Why not take MAR to the beach? Sunny days are also great for visiting the museum, but if you are heading to the beach, we want to go with you. Our 1.4m sun umbrella features rubbered canvas with UV protection and aluminium handle and ribs.

A MAR catalogue

134 points / Subject to availability of stock
You know that exhibition you wanted to take home with you? We understand, and we also wish some would never end. Since 2013, MAR has published catalogues of our exhibitions including unreleased texts - choose one to take away with you.

Artist book with limited circulation

220 points / Limit of 100 donators
Be part of the process of publishing a limited circulation artist book, and receive a copy for your participation. Donations will be accepted until 31/12/2016.

Visit with an educator at a special time (9am to 10am or 6pm to 7pm)

800 points
MAR opens at 10am and closes at 6pm, but not for you. An educator will meet you at the Exhibition Pavilion for a visit at a special time.

Curator visit, with the right to three guests

1,500 points
The curator will meet you and your guests to visit a MAR exhibition, with a conversation about the concepts that guide our curatorship and the artworks on show. 

Visit with a curator at a special time

3,000 points
MAR closes at 6pm, but not for you and your guests. The curator will meet you at the Exhibition Pavilion for a visit at a special time.

Publication of your name in our programme booklet

5,000 points
MAR has a culture of recognising its donators. We are very grateful for your collaboration and we want to show this to everyone, by saying a special thank you with your name printed in our institutional programme booklet.

Publication of your name in a catalogue

10,000 points
MAR believes in full recognition for those who foster culture and contribute towards making art accessible for everyone. That’s why we will say a special thank you with your name printed in our next catalogue.