A school that has a museum, and at the same time, a museum that has a school: integration between art and education.
This is MAR’s horizon.

The integration between art, history and education is the horizon of the Museu de Arte do Rio, which, in the traffic that this horizontality propitiates, develops, enhances and maintains public all of its actions. For the institution, it is important to continually cross education in order to arrive at art – it is in this sense, symbolically and physically, that the circulation inside the museum begins at the Escola do Olhar.

MAR, through the Escola do Olhar, carries out its primary function: education. The Escola do Olhar is a space of continued development which aims to stimulate and spread sensibility and knowledge. By understanding education as a field affected by different stimuli, the Escola do Olhar has in its scope activities that relate to the axes of formal teaching, directed at teachers and educators on every educational arc – from infant to post-graduate. Similarly, it aims to integrate the routines and challenges of an educational process that occurs outside the school walls as well, always having art and visual culture as a motto.

As part of its regular framework, the Escola do Olhar hosts a series of theoretical and practical courses and workshops, lectures and national and international seminars, which constitute a body of action that mobilizes different fields of research, interests and publics.

MAR’s educational programme aims to create a schedule that deepens the public dimension of art. Integrated with and fundamental to realizing this, the Escola do Olhar projects itself at society and articulates jointly with universities, public schools, museological institutions, civil society and informal educational programmes. Taking society as a transversal axis of its actions, the Escola do Olhar becomes porous to the plural aspirations and wishes of this city.