The Escola do Olhar’s courses are the environment for constructing, amplifying and debating issues radiating from the fields of art and visual culture. They are based on the collection’s Clusters of Meanings, on the curatorial proposal of the exhibitions and also on the mapping of different agents and partners of the Escola do Olhar.  The courses have two main formats:

Short-term courses – workload of between 3 and 15 hours.

Medium-term courses – workload of between 16 and 45 hours.

Within its regular schedule, highlights include:

Teachers Development Course

A new theme every month. Teachers and educators at MAR gather in order to meet and investigate the exhibitions on show. In this development space, together they identify possibilities for work – both at the school and at the museum – starting from the question: how can art take place at school?

The Escola do Olhar has an exclusive and priority schedule for the teacher and hence it has developed a series of courses designed for the continued development of teachers in the field of art and visual culture. It’s worth checking out the Development with Teachers course programme and other planned activities at the Teacher’s Space.

History of Rio Courses

It is a fact that the majority of cariocas know very little about the history of their city. Tell the average carioca that the city was French before it was Portuguese, that slaves were forbidden to walk along Rua do Ouvidor, that Copacabana was considered suburban or that rowing was popular when football didn’t even exist, and the most likely reaction will be one of perplexity. Understanding the city is the first step towards loving it. For this reason, it is important to enliven the taste of cariocas for the history of Rio de Janeiro. The History of Rio courses bring together specialists from various institutions, orientations and ages, who today dedicate themselves to thinking about the carioca past, offering a diversified panorama of contemporary thinking about the history of the city.

The courses have a regular semestral schedule and consist of a set of five or six independent lectures whose themes have a direct relation to the exhibitions dedicated to Rio de Janeiro that are organised by MAR: Rio de Imagens, ImaginaRio, Do Valongo à Favela.

History of Art Courses

In an exhibition we come across a field of signifiers waiting for meanings, ways to approach concepts, artistic processes and movements from various moments in the history of Brazilian and international art. The History of Art Courses at the Escola do Olhar are run by important Brazilian researchers who, while addressing the same exhibitions, establish an exciting programme of investigation on the forms of creating art and knowing about it, history of art and art criticism. Operating in an interdisciplinary field, the methodology of the courses consists of an invitation to explore a same exhibition and, starting from this, recognise how history of art can be thought about, written about and constructed nowadays.

The courses have a regular semestral schedule and consist of a set of five or six independent lectures, whose themes maintain a direct relationship with the exhibitions that MAR dedicates to modern and contemporary art, such as the Vontade Construtiva exhibition

Mediator Development Course

This course is designed for the development of students and professionals interested in working in the fields of education in museums and educational and cultural mediation. Taking the exhibitions and the educational programme as a base, the course aims to develop space for the investigation of practices and processes of mediation in museological institutions, addressing ways of making, understanding and relating art to learning processes. A key question is: how can education happen at the museum?

The methodology used aims to establish relationships that are subjective and personal but also critical and analytical in the field of education in museums and involves expeditions, lectures and mediation laboratories with professionals in the area and with the education team at MAR.

Curating Course

This course aims at understanding contemporary curatorial practices starting from two programmes: Talk with Curators and the Introduction to Curating Course.

The proposal of Conversation with Curators, Brazilian and foreign, is to develop a series of lectures and working meetings with guest curators who share their experiences in curating, presenting case studies, axes of research and developed curatorial programmes.

The Introduction to Curating Course proposes ways of trying out the practice of curating by addressing concepts, practices and views for curating so as to gain visibility; the art circuit in Brazil and the specifics of work as a curator in the country; the distinct models of curating and the role of the curator.

Infant Education Course

Throughout history, the perception that one has of a child has kept on changing, and with it the relationship between museums and childhood.  The Museum is also the Place for Small Children! Course, which lasts for 20 hours, is designed for adults – in particular educators – interested in reflecting on child-museum-education relationships and developing strategies for exploring MAR and other museums, with children under the age of 6.