Since its inauguration in March 2013, MAR’s editorial programme has included the publication of books, pedagogical materials, catalogues of the exhibitions that have been held in the Exhibition Pavilion and the Escola do Olhar. The catalogues alwways include original texts and are not only restricted to documenting exhibitions, but expand on questions that arise from the curatorial research. All MAR publications have an ISBN.

One of the main missions of a museum, according to the definition of the ICOM, is to produce, systemize, and spread knowledge about art and culture, which books and catalogues help towards materializing. Our editorial programme acts in a dynamic way, alongside the university and civil society, to accomplish the role of this institution as an international environment for the proposal and reverberating of ideas. The catalogue and books that are coedited by MAR contribute towards the museum’s mission of production, systemisation and the spreading of knowledge about art and culture.