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Find answers to your questions about MAR  

What are MAR’s opening hours?

The museum’s ticket office is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10:30am to 5pm, with entry to the Exhibition Pavilion before 6pm. 

How much is the ticket?

The ticket costs R$ 20.00 (adult) and R$ 10.00 (concession). On Tuesdays, MAR is free for everybody. Click here to check our gratuity policy.

Which exhibits are on show?

The museum has several temporary exhibitions on display. Click here to learn more.

Is it possible to hold events in MAR? How does space leasing work?

The Museu de Arte do Rio has areas that can be rented to provide space for corporate events: The viewpoint (capacity: 200 people), the foyer of the 5th floor (capacity: 150 people), the auditorium (capacity: 97 people) and Varanda Carioca (60 people). Click here to learn more.

How do I schedule a visit?

At MAR, educational programmes are organised in mediated visits to the exhibitions that are free of charge for public schools and offer half-price admission for students from private schools. Educational visits are also offered to groups, social organisations and interested parties in general. Visits last 1 hour and 30 minutes. The maximum group size is 40 people.

To schedule a visit, please send an email to agendamento@museudeartedorio.org.br or call +55 (21) 3031-2742.

How do I enrol in the courses offered by the Escola do Olhar? Are they paid?

The courses currently offered by Escola do Olhar are free of charge. Registration can be carried out by the specific forms on the page for each course. Sometimes, tokens for limited spaces are distributed in advance at the museum ticket office for anyone who wants to attend. Check out the courses offered.

Can I enter the exhibition hall with bags or a backpack?

You can visit the exhibitions with items that do not exceed 35 centimetres. MAR has storage spaces where belongings that exceed this size can be left. This measure is taken to prevent bags and backpacks of larger volumes from damaging art works.

Where can I eat in the museum?

The open spaces of the museum are available to be used as snack areas. Bottles and flasks containing liquids should be left in the storage area before entering the exhibition space.

MAR provides drinking fountains and toilets in the hallway of every floor of the Exhibition Hall and the Escola do Olhar. There is also the Cristóvão Café and the Mauá Restaurant for those who want to dine.

Can I photograph the exhibitions?

Visitors can photograph most of the works, as long as they do not use a flash. However, some works and parts of the exhibition space may not be photographed due to internal museum issues. Look out for signage to know what can be recorded. The museum monitors are able to inform you which works cannot be photographed.

Can I touch the works?

You cannot touch the works on display. Human skin accumulates residues that can damage works of art if they are handled. Works that allow interaction will have clear signage. The museum monitors can also assist and tell you what can be touched.

Can I use my cell phone in the pavilion?

The use of cell phones and communication radios is allowed only in the hallways of each floor and in the outer areas of the museum. Inside the galleries, the use of these devices is prohibited – even in silent mode – to ensure the contemplation of the works and a healthy coexistence in the exhibition space.

Can animals can enter the Museum?

Only guide dogs accompanied by their owners can circulate in the spaces of the Escola do Olhar and the Exhibition Pavilion.

Does MAR have a WIFI network?

MAR has an open wireless internet (wi-fi) network in the Exhibition Pavilion. Inside the Escola do Olhar, the network is private. If you are participating in a course or event at the School, the monitors will let you know the password.

Is there space to rest between the exhibitions?

There are benches for breaks on every floor of the Exhibition Pavilion. Ask a monitor if you need to stop to rest between floors.

Does MAR have wheelchairs and pushchairs?

There are three wheelchairs and three baby strollers available for visitors. If you need them, just ask at the museum’s ticket office.