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We encourage the use of alternative transports to come to the MAR, and for this the Museum is equipped with bike rack.

Help preserve the works

Do not touch the works on display. Human skin accumulates residues that can damage works of art if they are handled. Therefore, touching them is not allowed. Enjoy only with your eyes! The handling of the works should only be carried out by museum professionals, who are trained for this purpose.

In MAR you may not:

  • Film and/or photograph museum employees without prior permission.
  • Enter the museum with flags, banners or other media of any kind.
  • Annoy other visitors and collaborators.
  • Use offensive, aggressive, or foul language.
  • Use any equipment that emits loud sounds, such as megaphones, speakers and amplifiers.

MAR reserves the right to prevent access to its premises for people whose behaviour jeopardises the safety and conservation of the building, art works and the welfare of visitors. People under 12 years old can only visit the museum accompanied by a responsible adult.

Low temperature in the Pavilion

MAR has an environmental control system that keeps temperatures low, in order to guarantee the preservation of the works in the Exhibition Pavilion. We suggest you bring something warm in order to enjoy the exhibits without feeling cold.

Clothes to go to the museum

MAR suggests you bring a sweater so as not to feel cold in the Pavilion, but no specific dress code is required to enter the venue. Feel free to come with the clothes that you find most comfortable.

Please note: we have storage facilities!

Moving around the exhibition spaces carrying volumes such as handbags, backpacks and bags can present a risk to the works and discomfort during your visit. To avoid accidents, please store your belongings in museum lockers before entering the exhibition space. You may visit the exhibitions with items that do not exceed 35 centimetres. The storage facilities should also be used to store umbrellas, toys, photographic tripods and sharp objects.

If you forget something in our storage facilities, contact our ticket office from Tuesday to Sunday from 10:30am to 5:00pm. 

The Museum is a place for children, but remember to take care!

During the visit, children under 3 years old are allowed to take toys, provided they are made of rubber and small in size. Other toys should be left by the parents in the storage facilities. The museum features security controls and has only one entrance and one exit. But despite this, it is important to be aware of the movement of your children in the MAR spaces. Prevent them from running and abruptly approaching works of art. Some pieces on display are unstable and if they fall may cause accidents, putting children at risk. The Escola do Olhar has open drops on the 3rd, 5th and 6th floors, protected by guard rails: be careful when walking with children through these environments. Circulation should be guided by group leaders, teachers or museum educators.

Mobile Devices

The use of communication radios and cell phones is permitted only in the hallways in each floor and in the outer areas of the museum. The use of these devices in silent mode is also prohibited, in order to guarantee the contemplation of the works and a healthy coexistence in the exhibition space.

Recording for posterity

Visitors can photograph the works as long as they do not use a flash. However, some works and parts of the exhibition space may not be photographed due to internal museum issues. Look out for signage to know what can be captured. Filming is permitted only with the prior written permission of the Institution’s Communication Management. Send your request to

We do not smoke here

As determined by Law No. 9,294 of July 15, 1996, smoking restrictions apply to totally or partially closed areas and to the spaces of movement or permanence of visitors and employees. Smokers should head to the street area in front of MAR.

Wait your turn!

Some exhibitions require controlled visitor numbers, due to the characteristics of the works and the need to maintain a specific temperature and humidity inside the rooms. In these cases, please follow the Security guidelines and wait for your turn to visit.

Guide dogs are welcome at MAR!

Animals are not allowed in the museum. Only guide dogs accompanied by their owners will be able to circulate in the spaces of the Escola do Olhar and the Exhibition Pavilion.

Come by bike

We encourage the use of alternative transportation to MAR. Therefore, the museum is equipped with a bike rack. Roller-skates and skateboards can be stored in the storage facilities.

Eating in the public areas of MAR

Food and drinks do not combine well with works of art. Visiting the museum is a time to feed the mind and spirit. Eat your meal before or after touring the exhibits, at your own discretion. To do so, MAR provides a café at Pracinha Mauá. The museum’s open spaces are also available to be used as snack areas. Bottles and flasks containing liquids should be left in the storage area before entering the exhibition space. For your comfort, MAR provides drinking fountains and toilets in the hallway of every floor in the Exhibition Hall and the Escola do Olhar.