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The aim of the MAR is to be an accessible environment in the full sense of the word.

Aiming to promote wide access to cultural assets, the Museu de Arte do Rio ensures accessibility is possible all around its physical structures, as well as promoting educational actions that are accessible to all audiences without exception.

That is why we have developed, in partnership with public agencies, schools and specialised institutions, proposals for educational visits and training with educators to identify educational opportunities for all our public, including people with disabilities.

Our actions include the implementation of research groups on accessibility for the development of proposals for visits, projects with special educational materials, training of educators and the promotion of integrated actions with families.

The purpose of the MAR is to be an accessible environment in the full sense of the word.

The building

The Exhibition Pavilion (Dom João VI Building) and Escola do Olhar are adapted for visits by wheelchairs and people with limited mobility. We also have, on the fifth floor of the Escola do Olhar, a tactile model of the museum and its surroundings.

Accessible visits

Our team of educators constantly prepares for welcoming and dialogue with people with disabilities and is available to make your visit an exceptional experience!

Special visitation times

According to Law number 187/2017, which establishes exclusive hours for the visitation of people with intellectual and/or mental disabilities in museums and cultural spaces in the city, every Wednesday from 10am to 11am MAR offers a time dedicated to this public.