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Opening: 18 de janeiro, às 10h
Curatorship: Equipe MAR

People in the street. People of the street. The street was one of the main characters of the 20th century and moves into the new millennium as a challenge. The street with its gods and opposites, with mobility and danger, with work, boredom, excesses. We excuse ourselves when passing through, crossing, entering and leaving. We ask for luck, axé, glory, hallelujah. We harvest weeds, from where everything is made of cement, concrete, gravel. The street of ruins, constructions, yearnings, promises, illusions, lies. The street and its languages, speech, slang, throngs, complaints. The street with its face towards crime, its back to equality, where difference would generate desire were it not for the ruling disparity. The street and its protests, in the traffic, in the news, in the breakdowns, in the injustice.
The street of idleness, loitering, mischief, the games renewed by children. The street that, even when scattered, looks towards us and embraces us.

Team MAR